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Many companies use 360° feedbacks as part of an individual’s development programme.  Whilst they can be useful to a degree, they are also somewhat one-dimensional and do not delve too deeply into the reasons behind why people behave and act as they do. 

WCG has developed a more insightful tool called a Style & Impact Review (SIR).  These reviews involve holding one-to-one confidential discussions with a range of people that the “target” interacts with on a regular basis.  During the conversations emerging themes are identified and explored in order to understand why the individual acts as they do, and the impact their behaviour is having on others.

Traditional 360° feedbacks are usually provided in a rather bland format with spider diagrams and bar charts, but include little analysis of the reasons behind the target’s behaviour, nor the impact it has on others.  SIR’s are fed back in a series of interactive discussions so that the person can truly understand the impact they are having, and decide whether they would like to make any behavioural or style modifications in order to improve the way they interact with others and increase their effectiveness.

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