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Are You An Inspirational Leader?

A pre-requisite of a high performance team is to have an inspirational leader!

Inspirational leaders are rare, and gain their authority not by the position they hold, but by the way they conduct themselves and treat others.

Inspiration should not be confused with strength of personality.  Quiet, calm, reflective leaders can provide strong inspiration, whereas gregarious full-on individuals can often create an over-bearing sense of oppressive control!

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Style & Impact Reviews (SIR’s)

Many companies use 360° feedbacks as part of an individual’s development programme.  Whilst they can be useful to a degree, they are also somewhat one-dimensional and do not delve too deeply into the reasons behind why people behave and act as they do. 

WCG has developed a more insightful tool called a Style & Impact Review (SIR).  These reviews involve holding one-to-one confidential discussions with a range of people that the “target” interacts with on a regular basis.  During the conversations emerging themes are identified and explored in order to understand why the individual acts as they do, and the impact their behaviour is having on others.

Traditional 360° feedbacks are usually provided in a rather bland format with spider diagrams and bar charts, but include little analysis of the reasons behind the target’s behaviour, nor the impact it has on others.  SIR’s are fed back in a series of interactive discussions so that the person can truly understand the impact they are having, and decide whether they would like to make any behavioural or style modifications in order to improve the way they interact with others and increase their effectiveness. 

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 Collaboration – What It Is and Isn’t!

The whole of the oil and gas industry is searching for new ways, means and methods to cope with the recent drop in oil price. Companies are downsizing, reorganising, cutting expenditure, and shelving capital projects and are now talking about “collaboration” which has been quoted by many senior figures as the way forward for the industry as shown in the quotes below:

Sir Ian Wood: "Effective collaboration will be fundamental to the successful future of the UKCS"
UKCS Maximising Recovery Review February 2014

Dr Andy Samuel, Chief Executive, OGA: "The need for clear commitments from industry to collaborate and work to the MER UK strategy"
Call to Action February 2015

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Culture Reviews

What is Organisational Culture?

All organisations have a culture, with culture being defined as the way people in the organisation act, feel and behave. 

Actual v Espoused Culture

Most companies define their organisation by a set of espoused values which normally adorn the reception area, appear in all the corporate literature, and which they would like to feel represents how they appear to their workforce and the external world.  Interestingly however, few companies take time to actually review their culture and make sure that the actual and espoused cultures are the same!

In my own experience in reviewing the culture of organisation there is often a considerable gap between the actual and espoused cultures, and the wider the gap the more opportunity there is for dissonance in the organisation and a degree of personal resentment within the workforce.

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Why Implementing Collaborative Working Is Different

Implementing collaborative working isn’t quite as straightforward as implementing a new process or procedure which usually just requires the roll out of an effective training programme. 

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What Is Collaborative Working?

Collaboration between people or groups is nothing new!

People have always needed to work together in various ways to achieve a shared goal, it’s just that technological advances have now made it so much easier. 

Collaboration is simply a natural progression in the communication process.  For those of us old enough to remember we have progressed through letters, telexes, faxes, emails and on to video conferencing.  However technology now provides us with the opportunity to join remote groups
together with visual, audio and data connectivity to produce one virtual team and so create revolutionary ways of working and achieve previously unattainable levels of productivity and efficiency improvements. 

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